A Conclusion of Events

Facebook and technology have created a new world in which we live. If this one story has a happy ending of a family being reunited, imagine how many other stories are being tied together as you read this. The ability of the technologies at our finger tips to find lost loved ones is just insane. Facebook is just more than a news feed. It’s more than statuses and video links. It’s an intricate series of intimate connections that are inter weaved with our everyday lives.

What would our world look like without Facebook, or at the very least, some instances of social media at the forefront? What kind of future would be set in front of us? What would we do if we couldn’t connect with friends all the way across the world? There’s only so many emotions that letters and photos can carry. Without social media, where would the human race be?

The whole idea of social media stems from many ideas of classic human nature. We all want to be closer to those we really care about. It’s not really about the number of our friends or followers, but about the connections that I’ve laid out below. Social media is a brand new revolution that’s already changed lives. Imagine what would happen if we all embraced the social revolution and embraced humanity in the 21st century.


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Social Media Awareness…

All throughout his interesting vacation in Muros, Sergio kept all of his American friends in the loop. Sergio is so crazy, we should have taken bets to see if he would have been arrested by the police. When he drinks, he gets a little carried away. He’d update his statuses with stupid information. Here’s a delicious nugget for you to see.

This went on for nearly the entire month. The point is that Sergio was able to show us all of this information via Facebook. We were still able to get in contact with him, as you can see from some of the comments on his page. Facebook allows us to keep that line of contact open and flowing, even though he’s halfway across the world. That little bit still makes me appreciate the entire power of the internet and of the social revolution. Sergio posted photos of the going-ons in Spain, he commented on statuses, all the way in Spain, even with the time zone differences.

Technology is always changing. Technology evolves in the phrase of a year and a half. Technology that was relevant 18 months ago is no longer the “top dog.” This whole movement further fuels the social media movement methinks. It shows us how crucial sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are. These sites have all gone under massive changes in the past few months, at least in the case of Facebook and Twitter. We have fueled these changes with the advancements in newer, fresher technologies.

The entire realm of social media have embraced this and made it their own, as I’ve already mentioned. I’m always surprised with how far these places have come. Now with Facebook’s integration of it’s new Timeline feature, the site will never be the same, but we can still access it. We can access it from our iPads, our Droid phones, and from my keyboard right here. And that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to change.

We will always be challenged to connect with our friends. Who knows what the future brings? Who’s to say that Facebook or Twitter won’t be dramatically different in another 18 months. There’s no real way to find out. All we can do is hold on and embrace it.

Born in Spain…Raised in the USA…

Sergio had other plans in Spain besides seeing his recently discovered family in Barcelona. He planned on hanging out with his friends which he grew up with in Muros. He planned on “getting drunk every day,” and “having fucking fun.” Sergio likes to live life like he’s 18 years old every day, and I guess that’s because of the “pureblood Spaniard” in him. While I intereviewed Sergio, I was told most of the details of his vacation.

He landed in Madrid Airport Barajas in the night, resulting in him staying at a hotel for a night at the expense of the airlines. At least that what Sergio swears to this day, even interviewing him. Don’t ask me how, but he believes its true. While preparing for his voyage back to Spain (he had taken a vacation in 2010), he maintained constant contact with all of his friends, via Facebook. Without the use of Facebook, it would have taken a greater amount of work to remain in contact with his friends. Facebook, essentially, has eliminated the use of phone cards for Sergio, also eliminating unnecessary costs, like collect calling.

Sergio relied on the connections to Facebook on his phone nonetheless to contact his friends and now, his relatives. Even with the smallest technology, we can connect with the whole world around us. The advancement in technology has really brought about the new social revolution as I’ve mentioned below. Connecting with human beings across whatever platforms we have access to has become an essential human right. We embrace that technology and we use it everyday. Perhaps we’ve become too accustomed to using it so much that we’ve become sort of desensitized to its potential.

We’ve begun to fully embrace the whole social movement, even spawning a somewhat okay movie about the creation of Facebook. We’ve taken its potential for granted and settled for artificial farms and mafia flash games. We invite our friends to send us supplies so that we can build the next level silo. We engage in these sort of activities because we don’t truly understand the potential for the whole movement.

Twitter.com search results for “Madrid Airport Barajas”

Vacationing at Home…

Sergio had already planned out his flight to Madrid Airport Barajas. He was leaving from Newark on July 13th of this year. He had already planned his vacation out before learning of his long lost brother and sister in Spain. He hadn’t planned on visiting his family in Barcelona. That was 12 hours too long out of his way. He originally hadn’t planned on caring when he found out. And then he made the allocations in his schedule to see his sister and brother in Barcelona. What a nice guy.

When Sergio finally met his brother and sister, which he met on Facebook, it wasn’t a reunion one might expect. While Sergio is still relatively young at the age of 27, both his brother and sister are in their 40’s, and living successful lives. His brother is a sort of real-estate agent in the neighboring ares near Barcelona, while his sister is a nurse in Barcelona itself.

(Marcello. Sergio, and Arantza)

It’s quite the sight to see when you finally look at the family portrait. Sergio looks a lot like his older brother which he’s only met once. Granted you might not be able to tell from the picture above, but Sergio looks like he carries his father’s genes. The reason I point this out, is that this story wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the easily accessible information on the internet. If it wasn’t for all the keystrokes, all the processors and mouse clicks, who knows where the world would be?

Sergio was happy to meet his siblings, granted they were a bit older than him, making it a little harder to connect with him. His sister, Arantza and his brother Marcello, took him to the Hard Rock Cafe in an effort to connect with their little brother Sergio. After a few drinks later, the trio began to grow somewhat close, despite the fact that they’ve been apart for 25 years or so.

The trio began to talk and told Sergio more about his father than he ever really knew from his mother. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without technology and the advent of social media and the connections they allow us to make.

A Family Reunion

Now, with the advent of Facebook and technology itself, it has made many things easier for everyday life. We can find things much easier thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and company. Social media promises brand new connections with people and from what Sergio’s told me, that’s happened in his life. Sergio was only 2 when his dad passed away from lung cancer, so he never really got the chance to meet him nor talk to him and “have a catch” as Sergio put it, with the biggest hint of sarcasm.

(Sergio’s father Marcello)

Sergio, being an only child, had moved with his mom away from Muros when he was just 8. Sergio was taken from the only world that he knew and moved to the world of the American Dream. The United States were a foreign place to him. “I only really got to see America through Chuck Norris movies and blockbusters. I didn’t really have much family in the states when my mom and me moved,” Sergio told me. It’s quite a thought. Now to the point.

Sergio never met his father. What he didn’t know was that he had family on his father’s side. He never actually remembers meeting them, because when he did, he was only 2. They remembered him, and found him online. How? You guessed it. Facebook. They had been searching for him for a few months and finally found him on Facebook of all places. It’s crazy when you think of it, even if they do share the same name.

What amazes me is the ability of these connections coming true. It reminds me of those feel good stories of families being reunited with lost family members, because it is. I feel privileged to be a part of the story. I’m merely the narrator, but I feel good about the story. It’s quite the interesting story which is one that I’ve never had the privilege to hear about near by, let alone somewhat participate in.

Young Sergio(Young Sergio)

Modern Culture and the Advent and Usage of Social Media

Sergio will always stay in touch with friends he grew up with as a little kid in the town of Muros. He’ll post some “stupid” posts to his Facebook wall, and his friends will comment. The whole process of social media interaction is much akin to the process of watering a Chia pet or tending to your vegetables, in a sense. That’s about what Sergio told me, granted with a much cleaner and family friendly language.

Most of the time, his posts to his friends from Muros are in Spanish. When I asked Sergio how it feels to be so far away from his friends in Muros, he replied with “It’s all good. I got them on the Facebook” Granted it’s a short and somewhat mumbled response, it does serve its purpose. Back then when Sergio was in school, he never really made any contact with his friends on a somewhat regular basis. He didn’t feel like writing long letters, so he’d call his friends every few months or so and get the scoop on Spain.

But now, with the advent of easily accessible high-speed internet access, Sergio can make contact with all of his friends on a daily basis, making it even more personal for him now. Technologies like Facebook and Twitter, while are great for talking with other people, serve a bigger purpose. No, I’m not talking about virtual farming. Facebook and all of these social media sites allow all of us to connect with past friends, with past lover, and family members we didn’t know we had. I’ll dive into that in the next installment of the blog.

Facebook is something that I feel we all take for granted. We don’t really take the time to appreciate it and acknowledge how much this technology has changed our lives for the better. With Sergio, he can now post photos from his home in Kearny, New Jersey, and receive likes all the way from Spain. This sort of idea of communication has changed the world forever.

And I guess it’s about time that we knew it.

Mas Muros….

As I mentioned in the post below, Muros is an interesting city in itself. The history of the city dates all the way back to at least 2500 BC. That’s a very cool and somewhat crazy concept to think about. Back in the day, if you will, Muros was a huge fishing port, crawling with seamen and boats docked in the city. With the roots being planted in as early as 2500 BC, it wasn’t until the tenth century that Muros actually became a stronghold. The city and the people relied heavily on their fishing, and it paid off for them in the end. The town is still thriving to this day.

Nowadays, Muros is still a beautiful municipality, as you’ve probably seen in the video below. Here’s a picture of Muros from 2008.

Breathtaking, I know. It’s really amazing how beautiful a place is that I would have never seen before. The thing that really strikes me is that with all these places around the world, who know what kind of beauty we haven’t seen before. Where’s the hidden gems for vacationing? Where’s the next place we’re going to see? We rarely venture out into the unknown. We’ll just settle for our everyday lives and that will be the the end of that. We wouldn’t know about these beauties like Muros just living in our towns, our states, and our countries.

My point is that with the use of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, among others, we could really open our eyes to such places like these. These websites allow us a deeper connection than ever before. It’s crazy to think of how far the internet has come in the past few years alone.